Nicholson Kovac Loses Embarq Account

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s been one of those weeks in the adversphere. Following our previous post on the spate of (maybe) layoffs, we return to bring you some more not-so-great news of a smaller scale in the agency world. Kansas City-based Nicholson Kovac lost the Embarq telephone business, which our tipster tells us accounts for half of the agency’s billing (the agency, though, is now saying it’s only their third-largest client). But all is not lost according to NK’s president/CEO F. Peter Kovac, who offered this late evening retort:

“Goodness, word travels fast!

As you are probably aware, Embarq was acquired by CenturyTel months ago. The final closing is planned to take place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1.

CenturyTel’s management elected to retain their existing agency partners who they have been working with for their creative and media needs prior to the acquisition. Nicholson Kovac was Embarq’s consumer media agency of record and will not be working with the newly merged organization (CenturyLink). Our Sprint/Embarq relationship spanned 25 years, so we were certainly disappointed by this event. No layoffs are planned since we have been adding new clients to our roster.”


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