Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-While the masses are preparing to celebrate the ambiance of the holiday season with aromas of pine needles and gingerbread, creative video agency Hayden 5 is taking an advertising spin on the festive spirit with the release of the limited edition “Scent of Set” fragrance collection. A bespoke blend of burning light gels, strong hold hairspray, black coffee and buzzing efficiency, Scent of Set delivers a jolt to the nose. The campy video features a behind-the-scenes look of a commercial shoot, stylized as a luxury fragrance spot.

-Adweek talked with a group of creatives about which ads they wish they could watch again for the first time.


-A guy survives a skydiving crash and Liquid Death puts the survival story at the center of the brand’s new documentary film, “Hard to Kill.”

-M&M’s is officially returning to the Super Bowl and it’s doing so with a new CMO, Gabrielle Wesley, at the helm.

-After three years of pandemic-driven anxiety, consumers are eager to buy brands and relish in experiences that offer inclusive escape, writes Anne Wilson, who teaches marketing management at the University of Washington, Bothell.

-For NBC, the new year is bringing a new look, as the company is in the midst of a brand refresh.

-This year’s holiday card from Hanson Dodge offers one-of-a-kind gift ideas based on the agency’s clients’ line of products, like a Creminelli Santa snack pack, or special steel-toed Keen mukluks, liquid chimney cleaner from Green Gobbler and a snowman fish tank from Coralife.

Hanson Dodge makes a wish list of items from its client list.