Thursday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Leo Burnett London promotes McDonald’s Saver Menu with a look at an inventively frugal mom in its new “Swimmer” spot (video above).

-GM will pull Commonwealth//McCann’s latest “Real People, Not Actors” ad after Toyota, Ford and Honda raised complaints over its claims that Chevy is more reliable. (This is a reversal for the client.)

-Gillette isn’t the first brand to change how it talks to male audiences.


-P&G introduced a new media model, sending more work to Carat and taking more work in-house.

-On that note, Digiday reports that P&G’s approach of eschewing TV in favor of performance marketing for some of its skin-care brands is one common with its direct-to-consumer brand competitors.

-Adam&eveDDB promoted Nick Hirst to executive strategy director and Milla McPhee to head of planning.

-Famous Atlanta native Ludacris—”who happens to own a Mercedes-Benz,” lol—is doing all the branding for that carmaker, including his own Bud Light-sponsored music festival featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Jon.

-And for more Super Bowl news, the city of Atlanta says its plans to crack down on area homeless camps is totally not related to the Big Game, no sir.

-In the words of one BuzzFeed writer, brands “changing logos or rebranding is dumb and should never be a story.” Unless you’re trade press. Or if you’re Slack admitting your old logo was “pretty awful.

-Trivia: did you know Dwight Eisenhower hired Y&R back in 1956 to help him get better at TV in time for his party’s convention? Today he would have gotten VML as part of the deal.

-And have you heard of an agency that specifically focuses on golf? Virginia’s Buffalo.Agency, a “fully-integrated marketing firm representing golf, sport and lifestyle brands,” just spun off from course management company Billy Casper Golf.