Are the Brits at Lucky Generals Coming to (Politely) Eat Your New York Lunch?

By Patrick Coffee 

If there’s one thing Manhattan needs, it’s another ad agency.

Yesterday, Campaign scooped the news that Lucky Generals might just be coming to New York City for its international expansion. Specifically, their story said this would be happening within the next two months.


You’ll recall that TBWA bought the London-based indie shop in early 2017 before they made that Amazon Super Bowl ad and, perhaps more importantly, before Accenture or Deloitte could pick them up.

The big reason for the move—were it to happen, of course—would be a need to better serve Lucky Generals’ growing roster of U.S.-based clients including Mr. Bezos as well as Celebrity Cruises and AB InBev.

The agency’s most recent headlining work was this campaign for timeTo, described as “an industry task force set up to report on and combat sexual harassment.”

TBWA declined to comment on the Campaign story, and we hear everything is still speculative, but it certainly sounds like more Brits will be moving to New York soon. It’s also worth noting that, while Lucky Generals is owned by TBWA and therefore Omnicom, it remains (technically, operationally, whatever) independent. So the agency will get a new office.

There’s not quite enough room in the Madison Avenue headquarters for so much disruption, anyway. And they could always go to Brooklyn. It’s a hell of a town!