French Tourists Try to Squeeze Everything Into a Single Day in Fake Travel Trailer From Humanseven

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in international ad news, everybody hates a tourist—especially one who thinks it’s all such a laugh.

A new campaign by France’s Humanseven for client Transavia plays on that universal sentiment inspired by all the travelers looking for an “authentic” experience in war-torn Afghanistan and British toddlers flipping people off Down Under.

The agency’s client airline Transavia would like to answer a few simple questions: Do you travel often? Do you spend a bit more time exploring the many cities you pass through, but just don’t have the time as you’re whisked away to the next business meeting?


Maybe you’re a bit like these bastards, then.

Love how mocking American movie trailers is popular everywhere.

Here’s the concept: Transavia offers all you frequent flyers a deal whereby you can go back to the city you left at a more convenient date, presumably when you’re not running on Client Time. And the tickets are “low cost,” so you don’t have to “break the bank,” see?

Don’t try to do this in New York, though. You’ll get very frustrated very quickly.


Agency: Humanseven
Client: Transavia
Campaign: “#HolidaysAreBack”

Creative Director: Stéphane Gaubert
Artistic Director: Jordan Molina
Copywriter: Ludovic Miège
TV Producer: Philippine Domenech

Production: Partizan
Director: Giles Ripley
Producer: Khalid Tahhar
Executive Production: HRCLS

With the participation of
Transavia: Nathalie Stubler, Nicolas Hénin, Cécile Nomdedeu, Hélène Miau,
HMN7: Elisabeth Billiemaz, Frederic Guiraudou, Lola Abourmad, Pascale Vinzant, Agathe Pannaud, Éric Mironneau
HRCLS: Christopher Thiery, Philippine Domenech