The (Twitter) Story of How a Writer Was Laid Off in the Middle of a Geico Shoot

By Doug Zanger 

Recently, Geico and The Martin Agency brought back some of their “lesser-known” ad stars in a sequel campaign. We’re a bit partial to Pinocchio’s turns trying to get out of a parking ticket and navigating a first date. The Woodchucks are good as well.

Then, there are the raccoons. Those little rascals are the Bo and Luke Duke of omnivore mammals … what kind of trouble are these scavengers going to get themselves into now? The characters were introduced in 2016 and included some very fun extras. A video series, called Raccookin’, showed some entertaining (and disgusting) cooking demonstrations.


Despite the fun that seemed to be had in making the campaign, one writer, Ryan Durr, had a decidedly different experience on set, that he recently shared on Twitter.

Yes, this would qualify as a lesson of sorts.

AgencySpy has reached out to The Martin Agency for comment and we’ll update the post when we hear back.

UPDATE: The Martin Agency’s CCO Karen Costello said, about the story: “I was not at Martin then. Reading Ryan’s story, our heart goes out to him. We are not the leaders of three years ago—and we are not that agency.”