The Popeyes Punchout That Wasn’t; Bonus Details Below

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week we told you that at a convention of some sort, a GSD&Mer allegedly socked/punched/walloped a Popeyes client. OK, time to clear the air. Yes, there are such things as chicken conventions. No, no one was punched. How-friggin-ever, there was an altercation, of sorts, and it was classic.

We were tickled pink when we answered the tip line and our source said the words Popeyes, argument and fuck in the same sentence. Here’s how it went down (we hear);


Two GSD&Mers were at a bar (at some point during the convention) with some Popeyes clients, at least one of whom was a franchisee. The franchisee (we’ll call him/her Fran) asked the high-ranking GSD&Mer (we’ll call him/her “Chris”) to talk about account service. Apparently, “Fran” didn’t feel he/she was being serviced as promised by the agreement.

Well, shit escalated like the second floor of a mall, and soon enough f-bombs were dropping. Actually, we’re told “Chris” told Fran to, “fuck off” at one point. As in, the agency told the client to fuck off. That’s a bad thing, right?

Remember how we mentioned that there were two GSD&Mers there? The second was a lower level chap, according to our source, who we will call “Pat”. Following said altercation, “Pat” supposedly retold the tale to others, extolling the way in which “Chris” had put “Fran” in his/her place.

This is too good. Find out about the alleged punch, after the jump.

We Hear: GSD&M Employee Socks Popeyes Account Person

It apparently didn’t happen. Lame, we know. At most, says our source, someone pushed someone out of the way before leaving the “scene”.

We received an e-mail from Greed Sex Drugs and Money following our initial report. Their statement: “According to our sources who were at the event with the client and franchisees, there was not an argument and all sides were completely in sync.”

Weird how different our story is, ya know?

One final thought for you all. This story came from our brand new tip line. Notice there’s no mention of the source’s name, age, sex, title, place of work, location et al. That’s because we want to keep him/her safe, and you as well. Call us at 212.547.7935.