Linda Kaplan Thaler Gets An Award And Brings You Chocolates

By SuperSpy 

Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO and CCO of the Kaplan Thaler Group, is to be honored at this year’s Muse Awards, which honors New York Women in Film and Television. Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami, Laura Linney and Kyra Sedgwick at its 28th annual awards.

Does anyone remember the book Thaler and her partner, Robin Koval, wrote way back in 2007 called “The Power of Nice” for both men and women in business? From the book’s website:

“In an era when the corporate world glorifies a dog-eat-dog mentality, these two dynamic women built The Kaplan Thaler Group, one of the nation’s fastest-growing advertising agencies, not with spears and intimidation, but with flowers and chocolates.”


Thaler and Koval are certainly role models for women in this business. Hell, they managed to get an agency up, running and turning in millions a dollars of years in revenue. These two women are like the light side of the advertising force. They’re pushing the idea of “nice,” while the dark side has Nina Disesa’s, preaching the power of the double entendre in “Seducing The Boys Club.” You can watch her video here.

Chocolates? Sweets? Thank you’s? Watch the video above to catch the pair offer up some platitudes.

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