SuperHeroes Gives ‘The Best Gift Ever’ for LG CordZero

By Erik Oster 

International creative agency SuperHeroes crafted an online spot for LG CordZero showing a group of kids having fun with the vacuum cleaner.

When one of the kids is given the LGCordZero as a birthday present, the group is initially perplexed. Soon, however, they put the LG CordZero together (which appears to be quite easy) and can’t stop using it. They clean the carpet and start feeding the LG CordZero a variety of snacks, delighting as it sucks up everything in sight. It’s a fun, memorable way to show the LG CordZero in action, and display how it can handle even tough messes. We still don’t recommend giving one as a gift to your kindergartner, however.



Creative Agency: SuperHeroes
Strategist: Felipe Camara, Marieke Dekker
Producer: Severien Jansen
Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg
Creative Agency: SuperHeroes Amsterdam
Copywriter: Elliot Stewart-Franzen, Dimitri Hekimian
Art Director: Ola Syse
Music Production: Studio De Keuken
Post Production / VFX
Producer: Kim Hinrichs, Scott McPherson
Production Designer: Krister Lima, Quentin Deronzier
Production Company: In Case of Fire
Producer: Arjan Oosterveer
DOP: Steve Walker
Director: Rick Lenzing