Team of ‘Rogue Creatives’ Reintroduces Us to Newly Paroled OG Hamburglar

By Kiran Aditham 

McDonald’s unleashed its strange, new, Halloween costume-attired Hamburglar in a series of ads over the past week–and today we meet his antithesis in the form of the “OG Hamburglar.”

Yes, this would be the “original gangster” Mcdonald’s character as we remember him. Apparently he’s been paroled; in this new project from a self-described group of “rogue creatives,” Ronald and Grimace pick the ‘Burglar up from jail in their sweet ride.


Among those in the aforementioned group is former CP+B/Ogilvy creative director Brett Landry, who explains the effort with this quote:

“This is a project that has been in the works for over two years. We were approached by a top production company to produce our original script which allowed us to make something that we think is worthy of any major film and effects studio. We love the Hamburglar and hope that McDonald’s will enjoy our interpretation of the original character.”

If the #OGHamburglar project has piqued your interest, the folks involved encourage you to head on over to their campaign website and submit your ideas on what the OG Hamburglar should do next now that he’s a free (spokes)man. Who knows–your submission might just make it into the next chapter of the ongoing saga starring everyone’s favorite dentally challenged criminal.

Editor’s note: You guys can now please stop emailing this campaign to us and linking to it in the comments.