Speedo and Agency Mirimar ‘Go Full Speedo’ to Relaunch the Swimwear Brand

By Kyle O'Brien 

Swimwear brand Speedo has long been used as a way to describe the skimpy “banana hammock” swimming attire often seen on hirsute gents who proudly stroll European beaches.

But the Australian brand has a sporting heritage that is much more than just flimsy beach attire, as it proves in a loud and proud campaign by independent agency Mirimar. “Go Full Speedo” is a global effort that serves as a relaunch for the swimwear brand during an Olympic year. The objective is to reclaim the Aussie brand’s heritage and status as a global icon.

“Go Full Speedo” is a rallying cry for swimmers worldwide, focusing the swimwear as a mindset that represents total commitment in and out of the water.


The aspirational work—which comprises film, an original song, still photography and social videos—will run through October.

Ads will run in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France and Australia with media focusing on paid online video, influencer channels including Meta and TikTok, as well as athlete-owned social channels.

Mirimar produced three films—the “Go Full Speedo” launch film, “Towel Change,” and “What Do You Call Them”—along with various cutdowns.

The “Go Full Speedo” hero film is directed by Australian Scottie Cameron, who lives and works in L.A. It features “Stranger Things” star and Aussie icon Dacre Montgomery, Californian skateboarding legend Peggy Oki and the stars of the TV show Bondi Rescue.

“Go Full Speedo is a mindset that can transcend the pool and live in culture to celebrate anyone that’s giving it a red hot go,” said Nick Morrsiey executive creative director, Mirimar.

The action follows people as they go about their daily lives but who all manage to meet up at the beach in various states of swimwear dress, coming from the office or wherever they may be to march down and state their love for the Speedo aesthetic.

Additionally, the project will include PR launch stunts, social activations, athlete endorsements, and an original song “Go Full Speedo” by the band The Beefs, which plays in the films. The song is being released as a single and as a track on the band’s new album.

Speedo drips with Aussie charm. But after years of focusing on speed and performance, it had drifted away from its original bold Aussie attitude. The new brand platform helps Speedo reclaim its spot in the hearts of the bronzed Bondi beachgoers who made it famous as well as anyone with the attitude and cheekiness to identify with it. It captures where the brand has come from and the commitment of where it’s going.

Simon Breckon, svp of Speedo International, said that “Go Full Speedo” embodies an unwavering determination to seize every opportunity, both in and out of the water.

Luke McKelvey, co-founder of Mirimar added: “Growing up in Bondi before moving to the U.S., Speedo was always more than just a swimwear brand—it was iconic for the people and the lifestyle it represented. We love that this new platform can encompass everything from a kid jumping from the high board for the first time to an Olympic athlete breaking a world record.”