Tuesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Etsy is continuing its investment to become the ultimate destination for gifting. After making a splash on advertising’s biggest stage with its first-ever Super Bowl ad, highlighting the Gift Mode tool, Etsy is back with a playful part three of its gifting story. This time, the spot, from Orchard Creative, showcases the gift teaser feature, which makes it easy for last-minute gift givers to show they care. In “Roller Coaster,” two characters a previous spot, “Cowgirl,” finds the girls in another high-stakes predicament—hanging upside down on a roller coaster—while realizing they’re running out of time to find a thoughtful gift.

-Unilever’s Lynx (Axe in the U.S.) went dark with its humor in its latest campaign from agency LOLA MullenLowe.


-Buyers are looking to discuss several Upfront priorities with Paramount, but mergers aren’t what’s “top of mind,” according to ad sales chief John Halley.

-Airbnb’s most exclusive listings, like the Up house and the Ferrari Museum, are now available to anyone.

-McDonald’s shows brands why personalization is necessary for loyalty points, according to Matt Smolin, co-founder and CEO of Hang.

-In the snack category, where every brand claims to be the spiciest, especially in Mexico, agency Isla and Flamin’ Hot took the competition to the next level with “Poker Face by Flamin’ Hot.” Four world-renowned professional poker players: Aaron Been from Nashville, Luisa Morfin and Santiago Nadal, both from Mexico, and Sergio “Kun” Agüero from Argentina, were challenged to keep a poker face while tasting Flamin’ Hot snacks, known for their high level of spiciness. A grimace, a flinch or any sign of burn would be enough to disqualify these masters of disguise. The event had a live audience and was streamed live on Kun Agüero’s Twitch account @SLAKUN10 to over 4.8 million followers from around the world.