Someone Spoofed That Awkward Amazon Echo Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

We are fairly sure that the ad for Amazon’s new product “Echo,” which premiered yesterday, was created in-house. No agency has taken credit for it, and Amazon Advertising’s homepage does have a great bio:

“Can Advertising make the world a better place? We’re up for giving it a try. We believe in arresting, insightful, energetic communications that people welcome into their lives.

So all you brands with purpose, optimism, big ideas about making a better world, or even just a fresh point of view, come on in. Let’s make great things happen.”


Here’s the spot that debuted yesterday. It’s very long.

In short, Echo is a better parent and partner than you could ever be.

A few hours ago, a Reddit user calling him/herself “The Invincible” posted a slightly altered version of the spot.

We now have zero interest in researching or spending any money on Echo.

For reference, The Invincible tells fellow Redditors how he/she managed to make the “edited” version:

“The fact that the background sound is dead silence is actually what made my edited version possible. I actually added in stock music myself because it seems so dry and stilted without any extra sound.”

So if you don’t want people to remix your work, keep it as active and noisy as possible.