VCCP, Airbnb Animated by Cold War Memories

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you haven’t heard, advertising for “startups” in the “sharing economy” is all the rage. Uber, Lay’s and BBDO Energy recently joined forces to help us plan a picnic, and subletting service provider Airbnb signed TBWA as its creative AOR after launching its first-ever ad via Pereira & O’Dell back in May.

Today brings a very different sort of spot, created by VCCP Berlin and based on an Airbnb customer’s family connections to the Cold War.

Protagonist, antagonist, revelations facilitated by the product being advertised…this must be the thing they call “storytelling.”

The spot, created by VCCP and New York-based animation studio PSYOP, is part of the company’s new “Belong Anywhere” campaign, the idea being that Airbnb serves as the key to making people feel at home even in formerly hostile territory. The site features profiles of the two characters along with a “behind the story” short and a listing of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s demise (which was the catalyst for the whole project in the first place).

From company CMO Jonathan Mildenhall:

“As a community-driven company, we don’t want to just talk about our product, but instead put our community front and centre of any campaign.”

Now how will TBWA play off this theme for its coming work?


VCCP Berlin (Advertising Agency)

Management Director: Robin Karakash

Planning: Wiebke Dreyer, Ann-Kristin Sterba

Creation: Sebastian Oehme, Marc Garreta, Christophe Ducros, Lisa Krack

TV Department: Michael Opitz

Project Management: Alison Haly

Account Management: Philip Chhatwani, Helene Korte


PSYOP New York (Animation Studio)

Director: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier

Executive Producer: Lydia Holness

Producer: Ryan Mack

Designers: Samantha Ballardini, Kim Dulaney, Leland Goodman, Denny Khurniawan, Pedro Lavin, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Lauren Indovina

Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan

Editor: Victor Barczyk, Laura Bermudez, John Resner, Robert Wilson

3D Modeler: Alvin Bae, Kwan Au

3D Lighter: Kwan Au, Alvin Bae

3D Pre-Vis Animator: Pat Porter

Lead 2D Animator: Harry Teitelman

2D Animators: Tyler Dibiasio, Tucker Klein, Dennis Moran, Christoph Sarow, Winnie Tom, Luca Vitale, Sam Ballardini

Compositors: Manu Gaulot, Bashir Hamid


Starcom (Media Agency)

Global Strategist: Arthur O’Neill

Client Managing Director: Jamie Leach



Chief Marketing Officer: Jonathan Mildenhall

Head of Global SEO: Dennis Goedegebuure

Head of Marketing, Europe: Alex Dimiziani

Head of Advertising: Peter Giorgi

Creative Producer: Willow Hill

Sound Design, Copywriter: Ian Rowe

Voice Over artist: Lisa Dubost

Creative Lead: Dillon Petrillo

Legal: Tanja de Coster


Music Dealers (Music Production)

Composer: Nick Seeley


Human Made (Web Development)

Project Manager: Scott Basgaard

Developer: Paul De Wouters

Developer: Dasha Luna


aimClear (Social Targeting)

Social Media Director: Merry Morud

Founder & Evangelist: Marty Weintraub