Mistress, Ubisoft ‘Make History’ for Assasin’s Creed Unity

By Erik Oster 

Multi-disciplinary agency Mistress worked with Ubisoft to create a cinematic trailer for the upcoming release of Assasin’s Creed Unity, the latest in Ubisoft’s long-running franchise which is set for a November 11th release.

Mistress teamed up with production company Mothership Media and VFX studio Digital Domain to bring the trailer to life. The spot opens on in-game action, which text informs the viewer takes place in 1789, during the French Revolution. Then the action cuts to a group of friends sitting in a row, each with controller and headset in place, demonstrating the game’s new cooperative multiplayer feature. From here action switches between the friends and their in-game counterparts in the all too common “thrust into the action” trope. Still, Mistress and company pull it off better than most, pacing the transitions well and giving a good glimpse of the action gamers can expect while presenting a persuasive representation of being thrown into the world of the game. The ad ends with a new tagline for the franchise, “Make History,” which seems like a great fit.


“We loved working with Mistress because they had a distinct vision of what the spot should be, they stuck to it and Ubisoft trusted that instinct,” Director Neil Huxley said. “Using everything from the performances of the gamers which were edgy and fun to every weapon at our disposal from our VFX pipeline, helped us arrive at a very stylized cinematic spot we’re all very proud of.”


Agency: Mistress

Parter/Creative Director: Scott Harris

Associate Creative Director: Ben Beale

Associate Creative Director: Rory Forrest

Senior Producer: Kay Lynn Dutcher

Grand Director: Jeremiah Murlless

Production Company: Mothership Media, Inc.

Director: Neil Huxley

President: Rich Flier

Executive Producer: Scott Gemmell

Line Producer: Justin Si Diener

Animation & Visual Effects by: Digital Domain, 3.0

President: Rich Flier

Executive Producer: Scott Gemmell

VFX Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw

VFX Senior Producer: Carla Attanasio

CG Supervisor: William “Lee” Carlton

Animation Director: Steve Preeg

Matte Painter: Jonathan Green

Digital Artist: Brian Creasey

Digital Artist: Gideon Vandegrift

Digital Artist: David Liu

Digital Artist: Daisuke Nagae

Animation Lead: Benjamin Cinelli

Music Co.: Robot Repair

Sound Design/Final Mix: 740 Sound Design

Sound Designer/Final Mixer: Rommel Molina