Sheetz Claps Back at Meatless Trend With “Kinda Vegan” Burger Promo

By Kyle O'Brien 

Remember when Cracker Barrel introduced its plant-based sausage option on its menu and people went nuts? Aside from that being just a month ago, Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain Sheetz is hoping to avoid the same clapback, so it’s sarcastically touting its vegan option—on a burger.

Sheetz believes that everyone should decide on their own what they eat, without pressure from anyone else, so its agency of record, JOAN Creative, has come up with the “Kinda Vegan Burger Sandwich,” a satirical addition to Sheetz’s Made-to-Order food offerings.

The promo touts the sandwich as being mostly vegan—bun, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle—except for one ingredient. It shows all the ingredients being tossed in slo-mo as a voice over sarcastically describes the meatless options.

“Finally, you can do your part for our planet without sacrificing the few things in life that make you happy, so people will get off your back,” states the VO, adding that by eating the burger, “you’re vegan adjacent.”

The spot’s dripping humor ties to the tagline of the launched Sheetz brand platform, “Why the Sheetz Not?”

While the Kinda Vegan Burger Sandwich isn’t exactly official, customers at its more than 640 stores throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and North Carolina will be able to play along and order one through Sheetz’s unique touch-screen order point terminals: it will be listed just as a regular “burger” on the Made-to-Order screens.