Rodgers Townsend DDB Forgoes Subtlety for Spectracide Lawn Care

By Kiran Aditham 

Utilizing the same sort of colorful, over-the-top tactics we’ve seen in spots for the likes of Skittles, Starburst, and Old Spice over the years, St. Louis-based Rodgers Townsend DDB pours on the sexual innuendo and machismo to promote Spectracide’s weed and grass-killing AccuShot Sprayer in this new ad.

Apparently, a little lawn maintenance with AccuShot can turn one from cat-petting dud to short-sporting, weed-stomping stud. Or so says this ludicrous but slightly amusing spot, dubbed “Tame the Wild.”

Animatronic squirrel action, neon fanny packs, and hyper-sexualized housewives: you’ll never look at yard work the same way again.

Client: Spectracide
Agency: Rodgers Townsend DDB
Executive Creative Director: Mike McCormick
Art Director: Jon Hansen
Copywriter: Conor Barry
Production: Honey Badger
Director: Step Cousins
Post Production: Coolfire