Resource/Ammirati Gets Undomesticated for Labatt Blue

By Erik Oster 

Resource/Ammirati New York launched a new spot in its ongoing “Get Undomesticated” spot for Canadian beer brand Labatt Blue.

The new spot, entitled “Blue Gold” is billed as a “quality–focused extension” (err, interesting strategy guys) of the campaign, and will run during the NHL Playoffs and Stanley Cup Final. “Blue Gold” touts the brand’s use of “pure Canadian water,” 2-row malted barley, and “select aromatic hops” while giving plenty of screen time to Labatt’s bear mascot and a few scantily clad women (old cliches/sexist tropes die hard?). These quality claims are, of course, just for show: 2-row malted barley is an incredibly common brewing ingredient and quite far from being specific to the brand, while the terms “pure Canadian water” and “select aromatic hops” don’t really mean much of anything. Still, they sound good, and give the brand at least the appearance of some cache in the increasingly crowded and quality-centric beer market (if only to those who don’t know any better). In other words, while Budweiser continues to wage its war on hipsters, Labatt just hopes you might mistake it for a quality brew. The musical selection meanwhile, can’t help but remind us of this scene from Superbad.



Client: North American Breweries
Brand: Labatt Blue
Agency: Resource/Ammirati New York
Creative Team:
Gabriel Miller – President – Resource/Ammirati NY
Kristen Rumble – EVP Brand Strategy
Todd Wender – Executive Creative Director
Rory Braunstein – Group Creative Director
Andrew Haynes – Art Director
Michael Gil – Copywriter
Chip Coderre – Account Director
Mara Spece – Senior Account Executive
Francis Brown – Assistant Account Executive
Kate Treacy – Executive Producer
Vincent Lin – Producer
Steve Gaskill – Director of Project Management
Michael Troast – Director of Print Production
Kevin Gillespie – Senior Production Designer
Michael Foss – Production Designer
Giles Hendrix – Executive Director, Interactive
Nick Kinling – Interactive Producer
Production Company:  Ranch Exit Media (Director:  Chris Patterson)
Music Supervisor:  Good Ear Music Supervision
Color Correct:  Color Collective (Colorist:  Alex Bickel)
VFX/Editorial:  AMMO Productions (Editor:  Nathan Scholtens)