Richard’s Lunch Makes Us Barf (Just A Little)

By SuperSpy 

Richard Kirshenbaum invites you to lunch to chat about “creativity, and personal style, and art, and weird inspiring things” during his new TV show, “Creative Lunch.” Check out the video above of Richard on Deutsch’s Big Idea if you’ve never seen the man in action. Hey… Holy shit! Is Richard going to be the new Tim Gunn, but with feathered hair? Wait… the press release goes on to read:


“-its about those stories that usually aren’t told but should be – like mistakes that are blessings in disguise, or inspired moments that change the course of a project, or life. Its candid, witty, insightful, and entertaining.”

Shiiit. He’s the new Oprah! Well, actually no, since the show airs on Plum, the television station for rich, white folks in places like Aspen and Nantucket. Why is Richie qualified to speak on such a wide array of topics to other rich white folks like Matt Lauer and heiress Dylan Lauren? According to the press release:

“Richard’s diverse interests include penning plays, and writing, and his latest book “Closing the Deal” a relationship help book for women has been published in nine languages.”

Oh, sorry. You know when you feel like you’re going to barf in your mouth, like it creeps up the back of your throat and burns a little? That’s what happened. Right then. I’m sure many of the (very cool) KBP employees can relate.