Avenue A Is Looking For A Few Good Superheroes

By SuperSpy 

Avenue A/Razorfish is looking for a few good superheros. Erm… no sorry. I miss read. They’re looking for interns. Interns, right. The email ad is below. I’m sure you’ll see exactly how I managed to get confused.



“Hi all,

We’re searching for Design & Copy Interns for our Summer program – the
kind of talent you will be proud to mentor. Please feel free to send
referrals directly to me or pass on the ad attached (thank you, Josh
Fischer). Our Internship is paid, full-time, and 3 months long. There
is no referral bonus, however, many other rewards pertain (i.e
production help, fresh ideas, proofreading)!


“We aren’t looking for a Photoshop Chimp for our NYC internship program. We’re looking for a creative innovator. A designer whose work bleeds perfection. A writer of copy you remember the next week. An architect of the next generation of websites. A rethinker of same-old same-old advertising. A visual storyteller. A user of user generated content. A generator of user generated content. A music, film, design, art, and fashion hound who doesn’t care about trends for the sake of trends.

A Gawkering, Flickring, Facebooking, Googling, MySpacing, YouTubing Adcritic.

If some of this rings a bell, please come to Manhattan for a summer of
the East Village, Times Square, and Central Park.

And L’Oreal, Ford, Polo, Conde Nast, Universal Music Group, and a
dozen other clients most creatives would kill to work for.

Oh, and some Photoshop work.

Send your portfolio and CV to: xxx.xxxxx@avenuea-razorfish.com”