I’m outta here…Marty Orzio bails out on EnergyBBDO

By SuperSpy 

So word on the street is that Marty Orzio, the CCO of EnergyBBDO in Chicago, has resigned. We are waiting on confirmation from the powers that be at BBDO — but we’ll see what happens.

A bit from EnergyBBDO’s website & PR people on Marty’s career:


“Marty Orzio began his professional life as a high school English teacher. He made a career change at 28, going to work in the direct-mail department of Wunderman Worldwide. His next job was at Lowe&Partners,where he rose from copywriter to executive vice president to creative group head. Prior to joining BBDO,he was executive creative director at Merkley Newman Harty. His clients have included Forbes,Citibank,Sprite,Diet Coke,BMW Motorcycles,United Healthcare and Partnership for a Drug Free America. His work for Mercedes Benz has won virtually every industry award,including a Gold Lion at Cannes.

Some notable campaigns developed under Marty: new Altoids (“A slap to the cerebellum”), Canadian Club (“Damn right your dad drank it”), Orbit, Jim Beam, Aleve Super Bowl spot (with Leonard Nimoy), Lifesavers

New business gained: Dial (includes Dial for Men, Right Guard), Brinker, Beam, White Sox, U.S. News & World Report, LaSalle Bank, expanded global responsibilities on Bayer and Wrigley.”

I’ll start the speculation — we’ll we see Marty escape to NYC like all the other Chicago creatives lately — or perhaps he’ll join the carousel and end up replacing say….Mark Figliulo — the dude at Y&R that is apparently on the verge of joining TBWA \Chiat Day in NYC as the grand poo-bah of all things creative.


Apparently Marty is bailing out to spend more time with the wife in NYC.

Jim Hyman and Greg Braun, the gcd’s, are going to the main ship until a replacement is found (there will be an “aggressive search” apparently) and they’ll be in charge of the golden boys over there Frank Dattalo and Mike Roe