Postmates Releases ‘Don’t Cookbook’ to Combat Quarantine Kitchen Burnout

By Kyle O'Brien 

Don't Cookbook cover

During the pandemic, you’ve probably been cooking more than you thought you would, making the same things over and over. Postmates is here to solve your kitchen woes.

With the help of Mother L.A., it’s released the “Don’t Cookbook,” which offers “recipes” that are really suggestions to order out from your favorite local restaurants.

The limited-edition, 206-page hardcover coffee table-style book offers up humorously quirky step-by-step guides to dishes like avocado toast, tacos, wings, kale salads and grilled cheese—no cooking required. Each page has a QR code where you can order the food you desire.


Descriptions include gem phrases like “Hey, it’s me, Kale … I know what you’ve been saying behind my back. That I’m just a fad for the yuppies. That I reek of health and wellness” and “The key to riding an angry taco is to wear a really big hat.”

The book features whimsical images from contributors such as Nicholas Scarpinato, JonPaul Douglass and Jason Travis. It also includes pages that let readers color, do mazes and word searches while Postmates delivers the food.

The “Don’t Cookbook” is available at a dedicated website for $50, with a portion of the proceeds going toward a charity that benefits restaurant workers affected by the pandemic. A limited number of books will also be available in Los Angeles to order exclusively by Postmates for delivery from Alfred coffee shops.