Postmates Takes Cravings to a Surreal Level With New Campaign From Mother L.A.

Oscars spot kicks off 'When all you can food is think about'

Burgers collide with a subway rider
Debuting during the Oscars broadcast, Postmates' new campaign plays up cravings and convenience. Mother

Giving in to the call of the craving is at the heart of Postmates’ newest marketing campaign, which includes print, digital, out-of-home ads and a surreal TV spot that devoured some attention during Sunday’s Oscars broadcast.

“In a category where so many focus on the tactical nature of delivery and technology, we decided to tap into the human truth of intense cravings and bring this to life through incredible storytelling,” said Eric Edge, svp of marketing and communications for Postmates. “Everyone knows what it means to be hungry and to crave their favorite food, so we’ve worked with an amazing agency, director and production team to bring that feeling to life in a truly unique way.”

In the televised spot from Mother Los Angeles, cravings literally hit as a man’s daydream about burgers blurs with reality. What starts out as a couple of burgers floating through a subway car turns into dozens of them smashing into seats, poles and, finally, the craver’s face.

“When all you can burgers is think about: Postmate it,” says the ad’s copy in a classic bit of wordplay that also anchors the full campaign across a range of food genres.

The spot and other campaign elements are the result of Postmates’ collaboration with agency of record Mother L.A.,  a partnership that began last spring. The months since have been substantial for Postmates, which was named by Morning Consult as the No. 3 fastest growing brand of 2019 (coming in behind competitor DoorDash and hard seltzer brand White Claw).

Mother L.A. found that customers’ desire to order food isn’t always out of a necessity for sustenance but a desire for gluttonous goodness.

“For most people, food is less about hunger and more about obsession. This is where Postmates steps in,” said Joe Staples, ecd and partner at Mother L.A. “We satiate desire with burgers and pizza and tacos and sushi. This is where we find the campaign—daydreaming in these moments.”

Print and digital extensions of the campaign again capitalize on the customer’s need to immediately indulge.

Billboards show off pizza, sushi, salad bowls and chicken sandwiches with clever copy such as “Congrats on your date ending early. Postmate it,” and “Know what’s in supermarkets? People. Postmate it.”

@mjjordan7 Melissa Jordan is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles.