One Trick Pony Unites Branson, Goldsmith for Virgin Hotels

By Erik Oster 

One Trick Pony got together Virgin billionaire Richard Branson and Jonathan Goldsmith — the actor perhaps most well-known for playing “The Most Interesting Man in the World” in the ongoing Dos Equis campaign — to promote the launch of Virgin Hotels, starting with a single location in Chicago.

In the spot, Branson recites some supposed rumors about the hotel — “The beds are so springy, they had to lift the ceilings 16 inches,” for example — while Goldsmith acts them out. Goldsmith’s involvement leaves no doubt from where One Trick Pony took its inspiration, and Branson’s acting can be a bit stiff, but the 55-second spot is not without its charm. Where the campaign really shines, though, is its social component, which invites consumers to tweet their own rumors about the hotel from the Virgin Hotels site. Users who submit some of the best tweets will be entered for a chance to win a two-night stay at the first Virgin Hotels location, where it’s rumored that Richard Branson tucks everyone in at night.



Client: Virgin
Agency: One Trick Pony
Executive Creative Director: Rob Reed
Creative Director: Bill Starkey
Account Management: Keith Pizer, Steve Snyder
Production Company: Virgin Produced
Director: Yarrow Kraner
Executive Producers: Huntley Ritter, Brian Skuletich