BBDO Makes Short Shorts for Mountain Dew

By Patrick Coffee 

In the latest BBDO-helmed project for client Mountain Dew, the agency has created something even our own sharpest critics must call unique: an animated/live-action mini-series.

Make that a “mini mini-series” — it amounts to two minutes of material in the form of eight different shorts starring the Dew’s as-yet-unnamed “superhero” mascot.

The series focuses less on the client’s product than on the aforementioned cartoon doing cartoonish things:


While the spots debuted on Sunday night’s Video Music Awards, they received a healthy promo push targeting the brand’s Twitter followers and its nearly 9 million Facebook fans (along with their friends).

Most of the spots focus on unconventional methods of transportation…

Now on to the kitchen:

A more exotic location: the Wild West fish tank.

In a more urban setting:

More on the extreme sports front:

…and a quick trip down one of the world’s most dangerous bodies of water:

In case you missed it, this promo explains the ADHD strategy behind the campaign, which remains somewhat mysterious:

We expect to hear more from this “hero the Internet deserves” in the near future: what is his real name? Where did he come from? When will we get to complain about the lack of reverence paid to the source material in his inevitable film/full-length cartoon/Joss Whedon melodrama?!


Mtn Dew Presents “A Mini, Mini Series” Creative Credits


Agency:                                                           BBDO New York

Client:                                                              Mountain Dew

Title:                                                                Mtn Dew Presents “A Mini, Mini Series”


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director:                           Tim Bayne

Executive Creative Director:                           Lauren Connolly

Producer:                                                         Sofia Doktori

Junior Producer:                                              Brody Bernheisel

Senior Music Producer:                                   Melissa Chester


ACD/Copywriter:                                            Dan Kelly

ACD/Art Director:                                             Todd Rone Parker


Senior Account Director:                                  Ladd Martin

Account Director:                                             Patrice Reiley

Account Manager:                                           Kylie Halperin

Account Executive:                                         Jillian Netzel

Junior Strategist:                                             Kevin Wang


Animation House:                                            Nathan Love

Executive Producer:                                        James Braddock

Head of Production:                                         Derrick Huang

Creative Director:                                            Joe Burrascano

Art Director:                                                      Jim McKenzie

Character Design & Lead Animation               Tim Probert

Additional Animation:                                       Elyssa Hilton

2D FX:                                                             Kristjan Zaklynsky & Jim McKenzie

Production Support:                                        Sebastien Leliard

Associate Producer:                                        Dennis Samatulski


Music House:                                                  Pulse

Composer:                                                      Dan Kuby

Composer:                                                      Adam Miele