Production Company Gets Gross in Honda Spec Spot

By Erik Oster 

A production company chose a less-than-savory way to display the Honda Fit’s gas mileage with the new 60-second spec spot “Efficiency.”

The clip, created by production company A2F Pictures, shows a guy returning form what appears to have been a long road trip. He gets out of his Fit, yawns and stretches. Then he reaches into the back seat and takes out a giant jar of what we can only assume is piss, followed by the message, “The Honda Fit can travel over 400 miles without stopping.” Why advertise your actual gas mileage numbers, when you can just show a jar of human urine to illustrate miles traveled? We’re going to assume this guy has some kind of extreme, deep-seated aversion to rest areas, or he was traveling through Pennsylvania.


Production Company: A2F Pictures
Director: James Rautmann
Written by: James Rautmann, Mark Mazur, Phil Jones
Producers: Mark Mazur, Trent Hilborn
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Ryan-Govrik
Cinematography: Scott Regan
Art Director: Phil Jones
Color and Finishing: Matt Collings / ditch
Production Sound: Nick Leisenheimer
Sound Design / Mix: Nick Christopulous
Talent: Eric Pierson
Additional Credits: Tracy Tabery-Weller, Chris Govrik