No Recession For Me? Get Your Name In The WSJ.

By SuperSpy 

What’s the new cool thing if you are an ad agency? A recession themed website of some sort. Hell, I’m for it. The creativity coming out of shops is better than we’ve seen in years.

Holton Sentivan + Gury (HSG), an advertising agency based in Philadelphia, have created the website “No Recession for Me,” which aims to encourage consumers to resign from the recession. An actor takes you through the pros and cons of standing against the recession. Users than vote. So far over six thousand people have said they are “passing” on the recession and a little less than two thousand have given up.


When all votes are tallied this spring, Holton Sentivan + Gury will run a large ad in The Wall Street Journal that will include the names of all who declared “no recession for me!”

Somewhere in there, the “I give up guy” makes an analogy to Die Hard 3, which was just geenius. The rest of the site was kind of cute, too.

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