Harry Bernstein Bails On Berlin Cameron And The New York Shop Is In Some Serious Shit

By SuperSpy 

What’s going on at Berlin Cameron New York? The easy answer: nothing. The more complicated answer: everything. Depends on how you look at it. The agency has suffered recently. They’ve lost Tidy Cat to Avrett Free Ginsberg, Boost to180LA, Heinken and Soy Milk, too. Yes, this year they did pick up some Wyndham business, so that happened, but what’s the in comparison to these huge losses?

Folks have been jumping ship from the New York shop all year. Creative Director Harry Bernstein has also left the agency to go client side. He is now the CD over at game house, Rockstar Games. Congrats to Harry. Way to jump ship while the jumpin’ is good.


In the larger picture of BC? The agency is trying to right its wings. In April 2008, Andy Berlin, stepped down as the head of BC for semi-retirement in Florida leaving Ewen Cameron to lead all of the agency. And according to Brand Republic, the shop has a lot of work to do to make good.

As The Boys Club tries to forge a new identity and get some wins, the New York shop suffers and suffers.

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