New TikTok Agency Launched by Former Dr. Squatch Employees

By Kyle O'Brien 

Two former employees of personal care and soap brand Dr. Squatch have launched their own agency called Gassed. Dean Rojas and Michael Woolsey’s agency is dedicated to acquiring new customers for brands through TikTok ads.

An official TikTok marketing partner, Gassed was conceived because the owners saw a lack of agencies that create both user generated content and handle media buying on the video hosting service. Gassed is currently spending in excess of $2 million a month on the platform alone, placing it in the Top 10 TikTok agencies in the U.S. The agency currently counts Dude Wipes, Ridge Wallet, Crocs and Scentbird as clients.

“We launched Gassed to combat the creative fatigue that brands often suffer. Gassed counters this problem by understanding how to convert for sales on TikTok, tailoring creative so it’s performance based to reach clients’ KPIs whilst also managing the paid side of the media campaigns,” said Rojas in a statement.

Rojas is a Shorty Award-winning advertiser who started his career in performance marketing at Dr. Squatch, where he was employee number one, and social media growth marketing manager, working alongside founder and CEO, Jack Haldrup.

“We are one of the few full-service TikTok agencies taking brands from ad concept to customer acquisition operating in North America. We help brands reach new audiences with data driven creative by producing powerful, converting ads that actually work,” said Woolsey in a statement.

Woolsey started as an affiliate marketer running Facebook ads as a senior in college before becoming paid media manager at Dr. Squatch. He is passionate about growing brands online through efficient customer acquisition and creative advertising.

“If your TikTok CPA sucks, we can fix it because of our unique position in the market. Not only that, Gassed is first in line for all TikTok beta and alpha rollouts. This gives our partner brands the ultimate competitive advantage,” said Rojas.