New Jersey: You Make This Too Easy

By Matt McCarron 

Jersey, Jersey, Jersey…just when we think you couldn’t further validate all of our stereotypes, you up the ante once again and squash any lingering doubts. Although this commercial holds no relevancy to any of our readers outside of the New York or New Jersey area, we felt it necessary to post this spot for Parsippany’s own, Sizzle Tans.

Naturally, the commercial features Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey, proving that she really will do anything to start chipping away at that nearly $11 million debt she has hanging over her head. We’re going to let the bootleg spot–which includes the opening slate presumably because it was cheaper for Sizzle Tans not to edit–speak for itself. We just feel bad for producer Chris Lapinski and AE Richard Morano for having their names tied to this train wreck.


We’re not sure how to get in contact with Giudice, but if she happens to read this we want her to know that we’re willing to give her five bucks if she sits down for an interview.

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