Nestlé’s Turtles Gives Rushed Shoppers Speeding Tickets to Help Them Slow Down

By Kyle O'Brien 

Holiday shopping and preparations can be a whirlwind, rushing around to find gifts, decorating for parties and trying to make things perfect in a very short time.

With all the hyper stress of the season, the classic candy Turtles is urging its consumers to slow down with a campaign and brand activation that turns a speeding ticket into a much-needed slow down.

For its first major campaign with new AOR, Courage, Turtles placed a speed camera in Sherway Gardens, one of the busiest malls in the Toronto area. When the machine caught shoppers navigating the mall faster than the average, it printed a speeding ticket with a gentle reminder to slow down and make time for the things that really matter: friends and family. Then, instead of issuing a fine, the machine dropped a pair of complementary Turtles to share with a friend or loved one.


“The Turtles brand we’ve come to know over the years has always represented…the importance of finding the time to appreciate the here and now. So, we wanted to create a fun reminder for the treat that naturally compels us to literally stop what we’re doing and just enjoy the moment,” said Joel Holtby, co-founder and CCO of Courage.

The need to slow things down is also the theme of a brand spot which sees a family speeding through discussions surrounding important holiday plans before taking a moment to collectively enjoy Turtles.

To achieve the script’s ambitiously zippy dialogue, the cast trained with Canada’s top cattle auctioneer Dean Edge to solidify the ideal speed and cadence, and director Benji Weinstein brought out the speed in the action.

“Enjoying Turtles over the holidays is such a storied tradition for many Canadian families,” said Ashley Edelstein, marketing director, Nestlé Canada. “We wanted to extend this tradition in a fun, loud and lighthearted way with millennials when they’re at a life stage where they’re developing their own holiday traditions.”