Mother’s Dell Work Soldiers On

By Matt Van Hoven 

Hey Mother folks, you seem to be the only agency still churning out work for Dell (that we could find, other than Enfatico, which doesn’t count). What’s the deal? We, along with many others, are at a loss.

The who, what, where, when, why and how of the continuing Dell/Enfatico saga continue to boggle the mind. An Austin based Enfatico is currently up and running, and is apparently churning out print and interactive stuff. Couldn’t they have left the interactive at T3?

Nevertheless, we hear Mother New York is still producing work for Dell. Well, at least according to Brent Terrazas Tarrazas, as you’ll see here.

Sneaky buggers. I’m told that, as I mentioned, T3 is no longer on the Dell payroll, and neither are a number of other shops that will always be better than Enfatico could hope to be. Nonetheless, with Enfatico Austin (that’s what I’m calling it) providing said print and interactive and Mother working some TV stuff, Dell can keep up the facade that their media structure is…structured, and in place.