Seth Godin Wants You to Join His Tribe; But He Swears it’s Not So You’ll Buy his Book

By Matt Van Hoven 

Best-selling author and media-genius Seth Godin has some pretty great insights on marketing, change and work. At least, that’s what his blog says.

You know him as the guy that comes up with creative ways to get his book in your hands, i.e., putting them in milk cartons, cereal boxes, selling them in blocks of 10 for you to give them as gifts and so on.

But for his latest book of insights, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us Godin has created what he is calling a “tribe” which he wants to consist of like-minded media folks (apparently, the kind that read his blog, as that’s the only place he’s made mention of this plan). It’ll be an online community, he writes, exclusive to those who happen to have read his blog. And it only costs $14 to join!

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An excerpt from his blog:

This online community will live on a site we’ve created that will feature blogs, forums, social networking, comments, photos, videos and a job board. And it’s by invitation only until October. Spots are limited and early members get privileges and bragging rights.

Members get a password and the privilege of meeting each other, posting thoughts, connecting to big ideas or projects and more. The site will include excerpts from the book as well as a chance to contribute to a new jointly-authored ebook, with full credit and links to the contributors. The contents of the tribe forum won’t be posted to the public until October, so it’s really the only way to participate until then.

As our spy, Paco, pointed out, “the stuff he says about tribes might as well have been lifted from Douglas B. Holt’s book How Brands Become Icons“.

Furthermore, an exclusive group formed around a book sounds a lot like a book club, no? Join the Seth Godin Book Club. It’s like Oprah’s but much, much less relevant. Another line I particularly liked from his post on the subject:

It’s not about selling more books, of course, it’s about creating a small hurdle to get the right people in the door.

That’s right, for the low, low price of $13.99 (OK, it’s $14, but $13.99 sounded more like an infomercial), you too can be part of this exclusive club. Btw, a free copy of the book is included with membership.

Speaking of hurdles, McDonald’s has an exclusive club, too. You pay $1 to join, they give you a Double Quarter-pounder (with cheese), and you get to be a Dollar Menunaire!