Is Google Seeking Off-line Ads Through Donovan Data Systems: Layoffs Rumored, Not Confirmed by Reps

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Mr. Paul Benjou, who originally broke this “hypothesis,” informs us that his blog, MyOpenKimono, has been receiving a number of hits from DDS. The intrigue grows and grows.

We first reported on the possibility of Google picking up Donovan Data Systems last week.

Today, we were tipped off that the company “has very quietly been doing layoffs.”

A call to DDS concerning said layoffs was answered by Steve Peeples, the company’s managing director. On the subject of the alleged layoffs, Peeples made no comment other than to say, “Any responsible company is always looking for ways to streamline effeciencies.”

With no further detail there, the conversation was directed at the subject of Google, the recent DoubleClick buyout, and the possibility of the same fate for DDS. Peeples said he had not heard anything of that nature. However, he did remind us that DoubleClick and DDS are known to be complimentary companies.

He specifically mentioned iDesk, proprietary DDS technology used by Google and DoubleClick for client interfacing. (ed’s note: What ever happened to the martini lunch, anyway?) I might be reading too far between the lines here, but short of the SMG loss last year DDS is doing OK (as far as we know), and a Google buyout feels increasingly natural.

But is that in and of itself further indication that Google would seek DDS, in hopes of adding the company’s vast proprietary technologies and client relationships to its burgeoning marketing technology services? Dialing 1-800-Google, now.