Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

Have you ever wanted your baby to look deliciously edible? Jimmy John’s is counting on it with its new baby swaddle that wraps your child to look just like one of the sandwich chain’s summer wraps.

Jimmy John’s is offering parents and gift givers a free wrap-themed baby swaddle—they can add the item to their registry or head to —and encourages people to post pics on their social channels. A campaign video, created with agency Anomaly LA, explains the “cute enough to eat” limited merch drop.


Accenture Interactive has made its first Italian-based acquisition with the commerce boutique fashion and luxury specialist Openmind.

-After an unpredictable back-to-school shopping season in 2020, consumers are celebrating the return to in-person classes this year with a desire to spend.

-The latest “Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad” podcast discusses the JWT discrimination lawsuit, as well as the current state of Olympics viewership.

-Amazon has reimagined the tales of Cleopatra and Rapunzel, with help from Joint London and Hungry Man, to humorously show how Prime subscriptions can change lives.

-Motorola wants to be thought of as more than a budget alternative to mobile market leaders Samsung and Apple, and is refining its brand identity.

-British animal shelter Dogs Trust wants owners to prepare for the future with a campaign from London agency Creature, which promotes the charity’s service that promises dogs will be cared for when their owner passes away.

-As part of its “Future of Work” series, Digiday explores why marketing and comms execs are being tapped for chief-of-remote working roles.