Monday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-DDB Spain launched an “Intolerance is Still There” campaign for International Tolerance Day on the “Heroes of Today” social awareness platform, placing a digital likeness of Mexican gay rights activist and soccer player Julio Zuniga, the victim of a 2017 hate crime, in the context of the Stonewall riots (video above).

“The Stonewall riots led to the start of modern LGBTI+ liberation, vital for social change. Unfortunately, there are still heroes like Julio Zuniga who have paid for the right to love with their lives,” Miguel Ángel Fernández, director of the Pedro Zerolo Foundation, an activist and sexual tolerance campaigner, said in a statement. “79 countries around the world continue to imprison and persecute people because of their sexual orientation and 41% of the LGBTI+ population have suffered an attack in the last year according to the EU Agency for Basic Rights.”

Harvey Gabor, the art director behind Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” ad has died.


-Adweek unveiled its list of The Most Powerful Women in Sports.

-We’re alarmed by this infographic showing half of respondents in a recent Engine Insights poll said they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving as usual this year.

Ally & Gargano art director Mike Tesch died at the age of 82. The One Club Hall of Famer worked on celebrated campaigns for Dunkin’ and FedEx.

-Brands including Ikea, Lego and Patagonia are attempting to transition into the circular economy with new initiatives.