Monday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-GS&P introduces Panera’s new coffee subscription service with its first campaign for the chain, “Your Cup Is Always Full,” which launches with a 30-second broadcast spot (video above).

“We love our coffee in this country,” GS&P CCO Margaret Johnson said in a statement. “It comes with this feeling of optimism—like you can take on anything. ‘Your cup is always full’ is both a literal promise from Panera and an embodiment of that optimistic feeling.”

-Johannes Leonardo’s new ad for Volkswagen promoting the VW Atlas, “The Accountant,” features both Paul Giamatti and a Culkin.


-Global nonprofit Catalyst teamed up with brand consultancy Burns Group on an International Women’s Day campaign highlighting workplace inequality.

-The One Club shifted its Creative Week and One Show awards online due to coronavirus concerns.

-Agencies are placing bets on data, tech and talent.

-Facebook banned ads for facemasks.

Kyle Curtis rejoined R&R Partners as president of the agency’s Salt Lake City office.

Holding companies’ stock prices fell to a new low on the London Stock Exchange this morning.