Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-An estimated 1 to 4 million people have traveled to the path of totality to view the long-awaited solar eclipse today, with more than 200,000 visitors expected in Cleveland alone. One Cleveland-based advertising agency couldn’t help but observe the irony that people were flocking to its fair city to witness four minutes of darkness. Marcus Thomas created “Greetings from Sunny Cleveland,” a spin on the classic tourism video that reminds viewers that there’s a lot to see—when you can actually see. The video features some of Cleveland’s top attractions, neighborhoods, and even potential celebrities, all shrouded in darkness.

-Independent design and branding agency Pearlfisher has chosen Jason Brown as the first global chief executive officer in its 32-year history.


-Women’s sports are bigger than ever, and a growing number of women’s sports bars are catering to the fans of those sports, which is piquing brand interest.

-Agency CBX’s chief creative officer, Rick Barrack, shows off his affinity for Corvettes in the latest Off the Clock.

-A new thriller-inspired mini-movie from Scott bathroom tissue could’ve been called “Potty Nightmares: Number 2.”

-Advertisers including Velveeta, CeraVe and Bottega Veneta are taking a leaf out of the celebrity paparazzi playbook—blurring the lines between the worlds of marketing and entertainment.

-The NCAA Men’s Basketball final is here, and Geico sent its favorite Neanderthal to cover the Final Four action as Geico’s “Cavemanalyst” in Phoenix. There, he interacted with fans and shared his in-arena experience on his social channels.