Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 


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-Pumpkin spice season starts earlier than ever, with people filling their coffees with spiced creamer and filling their homes with the signature scent. Buff City Soap’s pumpkin spice soap is one cashing in on the trend, but with a warning. The plant based and handmade soap retailer has partnered with Austin-based creative agency Callen to launch this season’s collection of Pumpkin Spice bath, body and home products with the campaign, “Smells so good you’ll want to eat it. Don’t.” One spot shows a man washing his hands, enthralled by the smell of his Buff City Pumpkin Spice Bar Soap. As he holds the orange and white swirled bar in his hands, he realizes that the soap smells so delicious, he wants to eat it.

-Häagen-Dazs is kicking off a store refresh effort and marketing director Rachel Jaiven told Adweek that creating the right atmosphere in stores is integral to reinforcing consumer perceptions of Häagen-Dazs as an upmarket product.

-The latest episode of Marketing Vanguard talks with WW’s Amanda Tolleson on her journey as well as the brand’s approach to transforming the intricacies of nutrition.

-KFC Canada and Courage offer an apology to utensils, since its chicken is so finger lickin’ good.

-Get your nominations in now for the Adweek 50.

-Going rogue from a brand’s social account is damaging to the trajectory of all social media managers, writes Chi Thukral and Jonathan Jacobs.

-Minnesota agency Colle McVoy just hosted Camp McVoy, which the agency describes as not your typical summer camp. The programming was informed and crafted based on creative specialties in the ad and marketing industry. Over 20 campers, aged 4-11 learned how to design their own personal logos, shoot compelling short videos and create a billboard ad.

Kids from Colle McVoy’s Camp McVoy.