Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Duke’s mayonnaise may not be the world’s biggest mayo brand, but it has many devotees, and the latest campaign for the condiment from Richmond agency Familiar Creatures shows the creamy mayo taking on the big brands. Taking inspiration from pro wrestling and stop motion, the agency worked with House Special to bring the drama front and center in stop motion animation. The mayo and food characters were created by hand and captured frame by frame, with a stylistic nod to MTV’s 1990s show Celebrity Deathmatch.

-Dunkin’ is making another change to its creative roster as the brand has named Publicis Groupe agency Leo Burnett its new lead creative agency.


-A group of experts have made both familiar and unexpected predictions for retail and ecommerce in 2023.

-Delta Air Lines made a splash at CES with several tech-focused announcements, including an activation with Starbucks and other brand partnerships.

-Time hired executive Sadé Muhammad as its chief marketing officer Monday.

-This week’s edition of Marketing Morsels is stuffed with samplings from British Airways, Volkswagen, Quorn and more.

-The latest spot from WD-40, titled “Prison Break,” follows a man as he tries to manufacture a contraption to help him break out of his prison cell.

-“Crazy Delicious Vegetables” comes from Humanaut in its first work for Terra Chips since winning the account in December 2021, and it features a crazed veggie brand mascot.