Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Inspira Health, a nonprofit healthcare company in Southern New Jersey, has launched a new campaign in collaboration with Philadelphia agency Brownstein to bring awareness to the convenience and quality of its urgent care offerings available to patients in the community. In the spot, a father pulls out a coach’s chalkboard to game plan the times when the family members are allowed to get ill to fit in with their busy schedule.

-Could a robot do your job? A new experiment in AI art direction has delivered some striking and thought-provoking results that might startle some creatives.


-The latest Marketing Morsels features tidbits from Subway, Netflix, Natty Light and some glow-in-the-dark marshmallows.

-Health insurance company Sana Benefits has launched its “Lewis & Clark Company” campaign with the help of the Harmon Brothers.

-A shocking billboard campaign in the U.K. is meant to promote people of all sizes and body shapes.

-OMD has a leg up in the so-called War for Attention with a new tool that it integrated with the group’s operating system Omni.

-Rail and coach booking platform Trainline has named Wavemaker as its media planning and buying agency across Italy, France and the U.K.

-Cooking and home hub Food52 is looking for some tasty recipes from Pinners with its Pinterest x Food52 Golden Recipe contest.