Monday Odds And Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 Yooter Interactive is going virtual just in case the money stops coming in. link

&#151 There’s some vitriol regarding Liz Ross, formerly of Tribal DDB, in this Adweek story. Check out the comments. link

&#151 Nielsen is dropping 1,600 jobs. Brandweek? link

&#151 Live radio ads? Oy. link

&#151 Celebs using Twitter? What will they think of next? link

&#151 This casino wants its employees to do more for less. Where have we heard that before? link

&#151 Pres. Obama was all like, look you’re not getting a bail out, Big 3, until you jump through the following hoops…link

&#151 Just because Perez Hilton only had one sponsor logo on his birthday party step-and-repeat doesn’t mean his brand is dead…er does it? There’s a recession on, people. But what happened to Dell? link

&#151 Ugh, this is Times-worthy news? link