Oh Coca-Cola Circa 1995, Your Ideas!

By Matt Van Hoven 

Last week we reminisced about Lisa Frank and all that goodness, but today we’re reminded by Pip of OK brand soda. Back in 1993, the Coca-Cola company decided to do a study on what the most recognizable words are across the globe. Turns out the second one is Coke. The first? It’s “OK.”

So they made a soda based on that and tried to market it to Generation X, but they were too caught up with their Kurt Cobain and their music to really care.


The funny thing about it &#151 Coke hired the same guy who pioneered New Coke to run the project. Good call, douchebags, since his previous venture was such a success.

The whole campaign, though somewhat original because you know, they were going to change the cans around every once in awhile or whatever, was a flop. But you knew that because right now you’re either drinking a Coke or a Pepsi or booze. Please let it be the latter.

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