Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Hey, Dan Marino! GTB was behind the Ford/Fox/Barstool Sports “Hall of Fans” Super Bowl activation.

-Those chaps at WPP picked the morning after the Super Bowl to formally introduce the world to Wunderman Thompson.

-The Wall Street Journal had the scoop on how that crazy HBO/Bud Light crossover came about.


-And here’s more about how Droga5 and Wieden+Kennedy set aside their differences to win the game.

-According to the public, however, the NFL’s ad blitz champion was… the NFL?

-For an alternate take on Super Bowl ads, here are the journalists over at The Washington Post on winners, losers, and snooze-fests.

-Turns out staffers at some agencies, like say VaynerMedia, are extremely burned out. Who knew!

-ICYMI, CarMax is in review with McKinney defending. Tangentially related: Review was a great show.