Mistress’s Latest Project Simulates Jumping Out of an Airplane at 13,000 Feet

By Patrick Coffee 

Nearly a year after announcing its merger with nearby agency Supermoon, L.A. indie Mistress has more cool stuff to share with us.

This time it’s all about VR or, as we olds still prefer to call it, virtual reality.

The agency’s newest client is iFLY Indoor Skydiving, which is “the world leader in design, manufacturing, sales, and operations of wind tunnel systems for indoor skydiving.” (It’s a crowded field.)

Its first creative for the company looks to simulate the simulation by filming a man actually jumping out of a plane—and all that experience entails. Look out, fellow acrophobics.

“This a brand that’s literally primed for takeoff,” said Mistress partner Christian Jacobsen. Feels like a California thing, right?

Client CEO Dave Kirchoff said he picked the agency because they “demonstrated the highest levels of creative and media strategy” and “their understanding of our business and vision is critical to meeting our fundamental growth needs.”

Since the Supermoon union, Mistress has been picking up some small to mid-size clients like this one in addition to the Qdoba chain and shopper rewards app Ibotta. So far in 2018, the agency promoted a senior leadership trio and added 13 young(ish) employees.

No word on whether they will all have to accept their punishment at the next anniversary party.