Mistress Promises to Punish All Who Attend Its Anniversary Party

By Patrick Coffee 

An agency based in Los Angeles is hosting its fifth anniversary party this week in Venice Beach. We don’t live in Los Angeles and don’t personally know anyone at Mistress, so our interest level was hovering near zero until we saw the pictures.

Here’s Scott Harris — current Mistress partner and former CD at Mother London/senior copywriter at Ogilvy New York — surrounded by his fellow creative professionals at last year’s event:

mistress 2


…and here’s the host of said event, Mistress Anastasia.

mistress 1

We don’t know what “ribbon bondage” is and we don’t quite care to find out.

There’s a bit of the usual PR blah blah in the release about agency growth, etc., in addition to this quote from the agency’s “Culture Mistress” aka head of operations Aya Nishimura:

“There will be plenty to look at, but the most tantalizing opportunity for guests is that participation is encouraged for anyone who’s game. Without giving too much away, we’re Mistress, we like getting hands-on, and now everyone else gets the chance, too.”

This bordering-on-TMI story isn’t quite as juicy as the blind item we received regarding an executive who was so fond of one particular adult entertainer that he went and married her.

But it is distracting, no?