Tag Explains ‘The Art of Villainy’ for Jaguar

By Erik Oster 

Tag, UK continues the villain-celebrating campaign Jaguar launched with in-house agency Spark44 last year in “The Art of Villainy,” a two-plus minute primer on what it takes to be a classic British villain starring Tom Hiddleston.

If you want to be a respectable bad guy, the ad contends, there a couple of requirements. You have to sound distinct, so everyone knows who’s in charge (this is probably the main reason Brits always play the part). You also need style and attention to detail, and that’s where the Jaguar comes in. The spot is entertaining and, perhaps more so than previous ads in the campaign, does a great job of tying Jaguar to the idea of the stylish British villain. Even at a dialogue-heavy over two minute run time, the premise is executed well enough that it doesn’t run thin. We expect that Jaguar will stick with this approach for a while, but if this was the last ad in the campaign it would be a fine way to go out.



Advertising Agency: Tag, UK
Producer: Nicole Southey
Creative Director: Matt Page, Piggy Lines
Production Compnay: Rouge Films
Director: Mark Jenkinson
Producer: Tom Farley
DOP: Alex Barber
Editor: Kevin Palmer / TenThree
Music: Chris Green / Massive Music
Producer: Pete Jones
Shoot Supervisor: Hussein Hassani
Editor: TenThree
Flame: Hussein Hassani
Colourist: Mark Horrobin
3D Artist: Sandra Clua