Mekanism Lays Off 5% of Staff, Cuts Salaries for Partners

By Minda Smiley 

Independent creative agency Mekanism has laid off approximately 5% of staff due to the business impact of Covid-19.

The agency has also implemented salary cuts at the partner level.

“As a direct result of the impact that Covid-19 is having on our clients and our industry at large, we have had to make strategic decisions to prepare our agency for the future,” a Mekanism spokesperson said. “None of these decisions were made lightly and we want to thank all of those affected for their contributions to Mekanism.”


The spokesperson added that the agency is “certain that the changes we are making now will position us for success in the years to come and are optimistic for the longevity of our business.”

Mekanism was the agency behind the notorious Peloton ad that ran during the holidays last year. The agency also recently created a Zola campaign featuring same-sex couples that the Hallmark Channel pulled in response to pressure from a conservative group (then reinstated after facing criticism).

The agency’s Seattle office has worked on Alaska Airlines since 2016.