Mekanism Goes All the Way to The White House to Prevent Sexual Assault

By Patrick Coffee 

This newly released PSA created by Mekanism for a tiny, no-name client known as the United States government includes quite a few famous faces aligned behind a single cause: reducing sexual assault rates via personal responsibility.

In fact, the spot begins with some (literal) in-your-face testimony from everyone’s least favorite fictional creative director:

The release tells us that Mekanism “developed the It’s On Us campaign’s concept, creative, and design” with production help from The Mill and Park Pictures while the White House brought the power of celebrity to bear on the project.


Like most PSA campaigns, this one includes multiple elements encouraging viewers to get involved.

There’s a website, a hashtag, a Facebook/Twitter “badge”, and a White House-produced fact sheet on sexual assault. Here’s the pledge itself:

the pledge

And here’s some support from famous people who didn’t make the video:

For context, the PSA was preceded by this late April spot created (though not by Mekanism) as part of the separate “1is2many” campaign:

Now, to make light of a very serious issue: Joel McHale spends way too much time at the gym.


Credits: Mekanism

CEO/President: Jason Harris

CD: David Horowitz

Design Director: Albert Ignacio

Associate Director, Client Strategy: Caroline Moncure

Senior Producer: Kati Haberstock

Creative Technology Director: Sean Cosier

Senior Producer: Amber Cope



Director: Paul Mitchell

EP: Kim Wildenburg

Producer: Richard Berman & Kyle Davis


Director: Vincent Haycock

EP: Mary Ann Marino

Producer: Alex Fisch

EP: Jackie Kelman-Bisbee

Line Producers: Alex Fisch, Caroline Kousidonis

DP: Lance Acord




Director: Paul Mitchell

EP: Kim Wildenburg