McRib is Back, Alright!

By Bob Marshall 

Disclaimer: We were given the above spot from Arnold Worldwide on April 1, though were kindly asked to take it down as it was sent to us “in error” (which explains some of the older comments). As it turns out, the McRib was not quite back, as some had falsely speculated, at the time. However, now that the word is out that the McRib has, in fact, been officially resurrected as of today, we offer the TV commercial (which aired last November and was only released to media for “archiving purposes” on sites like our sibilng, AdsoftheWorld, months later) for your viewing pleasure. Party on.

The. McRib. Is. Back. Just when you thought it was gone forever, it returns, just like it does every spring (or fall or summer, depending on Mac Doh’s whims) and will continue to until the world ends or until McDonald’s merges with Subway to take over the world. And, you know what? People are going to talk about the McRib around your office. “Did you hear?” someone will ask, eyes wide with eager anticipation, McDonald’s grease-smelling sweat dripping onto your desk. “The McRib. It’s back dude. Just like the Backstreet Boys.” Indeed, it’s back.


But, before you throw over your work desk and “run” your out-of-shape self over to the nearest McRib feeding facility, we should mention that the McRib’s limited run is set to expire on Nov. 14. That gives you three whole weeks to gorge yourself on this 500-calorie combination of boneless patty, pickle slices, onions and BBQ sauce (aka McSlop), so if you want to make it all 21 days, proceed with caution. Last year’s McRib spot by Arnold Worldwide marked the end of a 16-year “hiatus” of the agency doing McRib work for the esteemed fast-food chain. It remains to be seen if the agency will get to launch America’s favorite sandwich again this time around. Credits after the jump.

McDonald’s McRib spot
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Roger Baldacci
Group Creative Director: Chris Edwards
Creative Director: Mary Rich
Art Director: Allison Hayes
Copywriter: Bryan Karr
Producer: Sean Vernaglia
Assistant Producer: Georgia Madis
Project Manager: David Lee
Business Affairs: Jennifer Wrentmore
Account Service: Catherine Ellefson, Dan Gross, Meredith Kelly

Production Company: Hungry Man, Inc.
Production Company Exec Producer: Kevin Byrne, Cindy Becker, Dan Duffy
Production Company Producer: Brian Quinlan
Director: Brian Billow
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street NY
Editor: Tiffany Bruchard
Music Company: Blackboard 3
Music Title: Original McDonald’s Music: “McBrian” :30
Recording Studio: Soundtrack
Recording Engineer: Mike Letourneau
Special Effects Company: Zero VFX
VFX Designer: Brian Dewes